Vietnam 2017

   Nanophysics, from fundamental to applications : reloaded

30 Jul-5 Aug 2017 Quy Nhon (Vietnam)



Participant list

1 Aharony Amnon Spin Orbit interactions, time reversal symmetry and spin filtering
2 Akhmerov, Anton Majorana nanowires beyond 1D models
3 Assaf Badih Negative longitudinal magnetoresistance in the topological regime of Pb1-xSnxSe
4 Avraham, Nurit Visualizing Fermi arcs and coexisting surface states of weak and crystalline topological insulator,
5 Bachtold, Adrian Electro-mechanical resonators based on graphene
6 Belzig, Wolfgang Ground-state cooling a mechanical oscillator by spin-dependent transport and Andreev reflection
7 Bercioux, Dario Transport properties of electron-hole bilayer/superconductor hybrid junction
8 Blanter, Yaroslav Brillouin light scattering in optomagnonics
9 Bobkov Alexander Thermospin effects in superconducting heterostructures
10 Bobkova, Irina Spin-orbit induced triplet correlations in superconducting heterostructures
11 Borin Artem Manifestation of fermi edge singularity in co-tunnelling regime
12 Bui Hao  
13 Bui Pho Ultra-smooth SiC and oxide surfaces planarized using catalyst-referred etching
14 Cabart Clément Decoherence control in quantum Hall edge channels
15 Chandrasekhar, Venkat Superconductivity, Magnetism, Anisotropy and Memory: The Remarkable Properties of the Conducting Gas at the (111) LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Interface
16 Chang, Yia-Chung Multiscale modeling of optical and transport properties of nanostructures and low-dimensional materials
17 Chen Shuwei The gigahertz complex admittance of a quantum R-L circuit in chiral edge channels
18 Chiu, Shao-Pin Ultralow 1/f Noise in Superconducting Cobalt Diciliside Thin Films on Silicon
19 Choi, Man-Sooh Strong Correlation Effects in Nanostructure: Theory and Experiment
20 Choi, Sang-Jun Train of Majorana bound states in a topological Josephson junction under a magnetic field
21 Cleland, Andrew Hybrid quantum systems: Outsourcing superconducting qubits
22 Cong Bach, Thanh Size dependent effects in ordered ultrathin ferroic films
23 Cren, Tristan Majorana dispersion in edge states of 2D topological superconductors
24 Delagrange Raphaëlle High frequency emission of a carbon nanotube in the Kondo regime: quantum noise and AC Josephson effect
25 Do Van-Nam Real-space and plane-wave combination for electronic structure of two-dimensional materials
26 Dufouleur Joseph Transport properties of spin-helical Dirac fermions in disordered quantum confined systems
27 Egger, Reinhold From Majorana box qubits to topological Kondo physics
28 Ensslin, Klaus Confinement in 2D materials
29 Entin-Wohlman Ora Enhanced performance of three-terminal thermoelectric devices
30 Estève, Daniel Quantum microwaves in a strong coupling circuit QED regime
31 Ferrier, Meydi Non-equilibrium Noise and Symmetry of the Kondo effect
32 Feuillet-Palma Cheryl Top-gating control of the 2-DEG at the LAO/STO interface
33 Fève, Gwendal Measurement of the Wigner function of an ac driven quantum Hall edge channel
34 Filippone Michele The Interacting Mesoscopic Capacitor Out of Equilibrium
35 Finkelstein, Gleb Supercurrent in the quantum Hall regime
36 Gefen, Yuval Spin Phase Transition at the Edge of a QH System
37 Ghosh Sanjib Critical properties of the Anderson transition through the looking-glass of the CBS and CFS peaks
38 Giazotto, Francesco Coherent caloritronics with superconducting hybrid circuits: from heat interferometers to 0-Pi controllable thermal Josephson junctions
39 Goffman, Marcelo Are odd-parity states in Andreev Quantum Dots always a nuisance?
40 Goremykina Anna Fermi-edge singularity and related interaction induced phenomena in multilevel quantum dots.
41 Governale, Michele Unconventional superconductivity from magnetism in transition metal dichalcogenides
42 Guo Hua Zhong "0.7 anomaly" in the confined quantum coherent conductor controlled by high frequency oscillation voltage
43 Hakonen, Pertti Fractional quantum Hall effect and Wigner crystallization in suspended Corbino graphene disk
44 Hammami Mayssa  
45 Han Cheolhee Topological vacuum bubbles in a non-Abelian anyon interferometer
46 Hasegawa Masahiro Formalism of temperature-driven adiabatic charge pumping via a single level quantum dot in coherent transport region
47 Hashisaka, Masayuki Fractional quasiparticles in the breakdown regime of a microscopic integer quantum Hall system
48 Hata Tokuro Shot noise of a superconductor/nanotube junction in the SU(2) and SU(4) Kondo regime
49 He Jianhong Coherent dynamics and mesoscopic capacitance oscillations in quantum coherent capacitors
50 Hüttel, Andreas Not just an electron waveguide or quantum box - uncovering the structure of carbon nanotubes in transport
51 Ilani, Shahal Direct Observation on the Quantum Wigner Crystal in One Dimension
52 Ivashko Artem Chiral Magnetic Effect in Weyl semimetals: the interplay of the bulk and the boundary
53 Iwakiri Shuichi Dynamics of Pure Spin Current in High-frequency Quantum Regime
54 Johannesson, Henrik Robustness of symmetry-protected topological states against time-periodic perturbations
55 Jonckheere, Thibaut Organizer
56 Kato, Takeo Heat transport via a local two-state system
57 Kiselev, Mikhail Landau - Zener interferometry in multi-level systems
58 Kobayashi, Kensuke Spin shot noise
59 König, Jurgen Full Counting Statistics of Electron Tunneling in Coulomb-Blockade Devices
60 Levet Catherine Conference Secretary
61 Lin, Juhn-Jong Experimental mapping of the quantum phase diagram for the two-impurity Kondo effect
62 Liu, Wei Magnetocapacitance oscillations in a mesoscopic RC circuit
63 Loss, Daniel From Majorana- to Parafermions in Single and Double Nanowires
64 Martin, Thierry Organizer
65 Martinek Jan Aharonov-Bohm and Aharonov-Casher effects of nonlocal and local Cooper pairs
66 Meyer, Julia Upper critical field in superconducting transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers
67 Molenkamp, Laurens Topological Physics in HgTe-based Quantum Device
68 Mora, Christophe Squeezed microwave emission by a quantum conductor
69 Mukai Risa Damage-free dry etching processing of SiC substrates by using high-pressure plasma
70 Myoung Nojoon Role of Strain for Manipulating Valley-Isospin in Graphene Nanoribbons
71 Nguyen Thi, Ly Ly  
72 Nguyen, Duc-Long Strain induced superconductivity of Li intercalated bilayer Boron Phosphide by first principles study
73 Nguyen, Hahn  
74 Nguyen, Hang Overview of melting graphene nanoribbon
75 Nguyen, Thanh Cuong Electron-state Tuning of MoS2 Thin Film by Electrostatic and Chemical Doping
76 Nguyen, Thi Kim Thanh Thermoelectric transport through quantum dot-quantum point contact systems
77 Nguyen, Van-Khoe Modeling Electrical Conductivity and Transfer Characteristics of n- and p-Type Graphene/MoS2 Hetero-structures
78 Ohtsuki Tomi Deep learning the quantum phase transitions of disordered topological matters
79 Okayama Shinya Nanoprecision process for improving thickness uniformity of top silicon layer of silicon-on-insulator wafer by using a multi-electrode plasma generator
80 Pallecchi Emiliano Graphene high frequency devices for flexible application
81 Park Hee Chul Reconfiguration of electronic states in PT-symmetric quasi-one-dimensional lattices
82 Parmentier François Quantum transport in graphene p-n junctions in the quantum Hall regime
83 Pierre, Frédéric Tunable Quantum Criticality and Super-ballistic Transport in a 'Charge' Kondo Circuit
84 Placais Bernard Organizer - Topological confined massive surface states in strained bulk HgTe probed by RF compressibility
85 Rech, Jérôme Organizer
86 Roche, Patrice Organizer
87 Roulleau, Preden Quantum tomography of an electron
88 Roussel Benjamin Signal processing for electron quantum optics
89 Sano Yasuhisa Fabrication of atomically flat silicon carbide surface using catalyst-referred etching
90 Schoenenberger, Christian Valley-isospin conductance oscillations of order unity (e^2/h) in hBN/graphene heterostructures
91 Sengupta Shamashis Superconductivity in two dimensions in the AlOx/SrTiO3 heterostructure
92 Seoane Souto, Ruben Quench dynamics in superconducting nanojunctions: metastability and dynamical Yang-Lee zeros
93 Shim Jeongmin Entanglement negativity of a single-channel Kondo system
94 Sim, Hong-Seun Topological vacuum bubbles of anyons
95 Slevin Keith Lower critical dimension of the symplectic symmetry class in the Anderson localisation problem: Borel-Pade re-summation of the beta-function.
96 Spletstosser, Janine Charge- and energy noise in ac-driven conductors and their detection from frequency-resolved potential- and temperature fluctuations
97 Stern, Adiel Topological superconductivity between one and two dimensions
98 Streda, Pavel Anomalous Hall effect and topological phase transitions
99 Suzuki Takafumi Leviton in a Kondo quantum dot
100 Tchoumakov Sergueï Massive surface states of topological materials
101 Tisserond Emilie Unusual Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations in α-(BEDT-TTF)2I3 organic metal
102 Tran Thi Thanh  
103 Trifunovic Luka The complete topological classification of gapped states of matter in the presence of reflection symmetry
104 Trivedi, Uday  
105 Van Hien  
106 Von Oppen, Felix Color code quantum computation with Majoranabound states
107 Waintal, Xavier From surface plasmons to fractional levitons: probing electron-electron interactions with electronic interferometry
108 Wakamura Taro Generation and detailed evaluation of spin-orbit interaction in graphene induced by transition metal dichalcogenides
109 Wang Ruey-Tay Experimental mapping of the quantum phase diagram for the two-impurity Kondo effect
110 Wang, Jiannong The origin of bias independent conductance plateaus and zero bias conductance peaks in Bi2Se3/NbSe2 hybrid structures
111 Wang, Ning Odd-integer quantum Hall states and giant spin susceptibility in p-type few-layer WSe2
112 Winkler, Roland Effective Hamiltonian for protected edge states in graphene
113 Yamauchi, Kazuto  
114 Yeh Sheng-Shiuan Charge transport and low frequency noise in bilayer graphene
115 Yuce Cem Non-Hermitian Floquet Topological Phase
116 Zuelicke, Uli Quantum capacitance and spin susceptibility of HgTe quantum wells
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